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Jim "JB" Bailey  Bassist / Vocalist / Songwriter

Jim Bailey's musical path began when his dad gave him a banjo when he was 14 (he wanted an electric guitar but didn't think his dad would go for that!). Later on , Jim discovered rock concerts and fell in love with the entire atmosphere. Back then, all bands had to tour ( no internet) and ticket prices were cheap! All of the major acts of the day came through his hometown, and he tried to see them all! After enlisting in the Air Force, Jim met people from all parts of the country and was introduced to a broader scope of music; as each person had their own hometown heroes. Jim's diverse interest in all types of music ranges from country and bluegrass to hard rock and heavy metal. He knows what he likes, and knows you will like the musical style of Quasimodo Sunday.

Steve Beres, Keyboards / Vocals / Songwriter


John Crowley,  Guitar / vocalist / Songwriter

Born in Michigan, John is a self taught guitar player who began playing when he was 12. Inspiration initially came from older brothers that played guitar and also had a vast collection of classic rock and blues vinyl.  The early 70's was a great time to be an aspiring guitar player. Mick Taylor, Jimmy Page and Duane Allman were his earliest main influences and still remain among his favorites today. Although inspired by great guitar players of Classic 60's and 70's rock and blues, he listens to and is inspired by many different kinds of music.  John lives in Cocoa FL with his wife and family and enjoys playing guitar with friends in Rocklogic band.


Jeff "JD" Gilliard, Percussionist / SONGWRITER / BAND MANAGEMENT
Jeff grew up in Rockledge, FL. Relatively normal; an element of surprise came to his mother when he was three. She had found Jeff in the kitchen where he had drug out some pots and pans and was beating on them as if they were a drum set. His mom tells us that she quickly replaced them with Tupperware…..and later bought him a set of bongos. Jeff would later receive his first Ludwig kit at the age of 6, man he drove his sister nuts. Jeff played drums and the violin thru Elementary School. then drums and guitar in Junior High School. As Jeff progressed through high school and played in all the local band activities including; Purple Haze and Fuff and The Gang. After a stint in the military Jeff went to college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando where he began supplementing his studies in percussion with speculation into the principles of psychology, anatomy, and metaphysics. A commitment to life as a percussionist brought Jeff to Orlando where he was able to perform as a studio drummer with projects like Zion, Argyle, Eric Johnson and play around town with the rock group Persuasion. He would later find an outlet for improving his skills by attending drum camps with the likes of Tommy Aldridge and Carl Palmer. Jeff’s influences come from Neil Peart (Rush), Danny Carey (Tool), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy, Black Oak, Whitesnake).Jeff also participated in the Bluesboro Band and Studio from 2009-2011. Jeff says about his experience in the Blues/Americana circuit "what a great ride into parallel creativity by influence". I melded into so many different personalities, styles and abilities, it's a time in my life I will always appreciate". Today Jeff’s interests are with the RockLogic Band and the Edge of The Ledge Studio’s ("The Ledge") in Rockledge Florida.

Jeff also serves as the percussionist for "vinny marcones" quasimodo sunday band. Jeff composed and performed all recorded percussion parts in the completed the album "Living hell". living hell was released by indie pool records, toronto, canada on july 16, 2013.

jeff was back in the studio as of march 2015 and recorded vinny's second album "antietam Sunrise". as a special treat they have been blessed by our good friends tony stevens of the original foghat and savoy Brown. tony is recording all of the bass tracks on the album. Billy Livesay of the livesay's, who worked with glen Frey and Clarence Clemens of the eagles. also featured on the album is Michelle Morris who current works with robert plants projects.

Take a listen to the albums cover song: antietam sunrise

follow all of jeffs work on vinny's projects on vinny marcone website.

Committed to his fellow band mates and the music. he projects himself into a different eclectic part of his percussionist history, inasmuch I’m sure there will always be more to follow.

Written by Jeff's Mom and Dad, (Jim and Lucy Gilliard), we love you kiddo!


Mark Harden, Guitar / LEAD vocalist / SONGWRITER / BAND MANAGEMENT

I was inspired by my mother, who isn’t? A great piano player and vocalist. Probably got interested in the womb hearing her sing and play and at home and elementary school. Mom encouraged me to be in the Jr./Sr. High School Band and at Florida State University where I went to college a couple of years. Jeff Gilliard and I were in high school band at Rockledge High together and started our first rock bands. My influences were from classic rock of the late 70’s and 80’s. The Stones, The Who, Journey, Styx, Foreigner, Tom Petty, Ted Nugent, VanHalen, Sammy Hagar, NightRanger, Rush, Molly Hatchett, Skynyrd, Reo Speedwagon, Blue Oyster Cult, DefLepard  and other great rock bands of the era. Picked up the guitar in 1977 and took some lessons formally and jamming with friends. There was always a keg party or two that needed a band and once we came of age we began playing the bars and clubs. It took hold and to this day I am still jamming with Jeff in the RockLogic Band and carrying on the Rock-N-Roll tradition. Looking forward to more great music, good times with good friends.

Greg Linnemeyer, Keyboards / Vocals / Songwriter


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